Privacy Policy

Last updated December 14, 2022.


Kindly be informed that by accessing this platform and its services, you have granted DIAGON STUDIOS (“Diagon”, “Diagon Studios”) access to some of your data. As a result, DIAGON STUDIOS will be responsible for protecting every bit of data you share with us while using this platform because it will be used to improve our services, protect the privacy of your personal information, and provide you with better services. We at DIAGON STUDIOS want to give you the best level of assurance about the security of your personal information, so we want you to be aware of how we are handling it. Please be aware that by using our services in the future, you are agreeing to this policy and that we will protect your information. Use of any of our services on our website or mobile application constitutes your consent to the collection and use of your data by this policy. The data we collect is used to offer and improve our service. We won‘t reveal your information to anybody else unless you instruct us to, a court orders it, or if it‘s necessary for us to carry out promotional services. Only the uses described in our privacy statement will be made use of. If you do not want us to have access to your personal information, particularly when you use our services, you may accept or refuse your consent to the policy. This policy explains the data we gather about you from our website, mobile applications, and services, as well as how we handle and share that data. It also outlines your alternatives to the data that diagon.io gathers about you when you use our service. DIAGON STUDIOS is a hyper-casual play-to-earn gaming platform that allows users to earn while enjoying the greatest gaming experience possible. Our gaming platform contains a variety of casual games that practically everyone can enjoy. As a result, gamers do not need to be familiar with the traditional hardcore game mechanics, controls, or clichés. We are building a crypto-powered Casual Gaming, Utility, and NFT platform that will have a beneficial and long-term impact on a global mass audience.


The terms and conditions of this policy apply to all users of DIAGON STUDIOS services, including those who access our applications, websites, features, or other services. The Userswho are governed by this policy are those who fit the following criteria:

- Customers: Gamers who sign up on our platform and agree to utilize our hyper-casual play-to-earn gaming platform and software that is provided under the DIAGON STUDIOS platform to facilitate the network strives to be a platform that provides easy access to earn crypto and other virtual assets while playing with peers or alone.

- The Third party: these are our affiliates that provide crypto wallet access and payment solutions to game winners and other services that would be necessary for the future.

Anyone whose information DIAGON STUDIOS gets in connection with its services or whose information is provided to DIAGON STUDIOS as part of an application to use those services is also covered by this policy. The operations outlined in this policy shall be subject to the laws of the jurisdictions in which we conduct business. This suggests that we only utilize the process described in this policy in a nation or territory if the nation‘s Gaming Regulations or other relevant laws permit us to do so. If you have any inquiries about how we conduct business in your nation or area, kindly get in touch with us. @help@diagon.io


- DIAGON STUDIOS and its partners use cookies and other identification technologies on our applications, websites, emails, and online adverts to achieve the goals mentioned in this policy

Cookies are little text files that apps, websites, online content, and adverts save on your browser or device. For instance, cookies and similar technology are used by DIAGON STUDIOS.

- User authentication, including;

- Remembering user preferences and settings

- Determining the popularity of content

- examining website usage and trend data as well as basic knowledge of users‘ online activities and preferences.

Additionally, we might permit third parties to collect audience information, distribute our ads online, track and assess their efficacy, and display ads on our behalf. These companies may use cookies, web beacons, SDKs, and other technologies to identify your device when you visit our site and use our services as well as when you visit other online sites and services.


  • Details you willingly give to DIAGON STUDIOS, as when you register for an account on the Diagon Studio website or mobile application.
  • Information obtained from your use of our services, including your phone number, crypto wallet address, means of Identification, home address, email address, etc. as it relates to your Player Special ID.
  • Additional data sources include DIAGON STUDIOS partners and third parties who use systems connected to DIAGON STUDIOS. All of that data will help us stay in compliance with local regulations in each country where we do business, especially those that deal with anti-money laundering and stopping the funding of crime. It will also help us to keep the cost of using our goods and services to a minimum for you.
  • The following information is obtained by DIAGON STUDIOS or on its behalf:

    I. Information You Provide

    This may include:

    - User/Gamer profile: We get information from you when you create or update your DIAGON STUDIOS account. The information may include your name, email address, phone number, login information, home address, bank account number, cryptocurrency wallets (together with any relevant payment verification data), official documents of government-issued identification, birth date, photo, and signature. Any preferences and settings you have made available for your DIAGON STUDIOS account are included in this (Player ID).

    - Background Check Information:

    If you sign up to use DIAGON STUDIOS Gaming services or any additional services, we might gather background check data about you.

    II. User content:

    If you contact DIAGON STUDIOS customer support, rate or recommend other users, or interact with DIAGON STUDIOS in any other manner, we may collect the data you submit, such as your name, residential address, email address, etc.

    III. Information created when you use our services

    This may include:

    Transaction Information

    We keep track of your transactions when you use our services, especially when you buy some gaming tools (where applicable), including the services you requested, your account balance, and necessary information in collaboration with your bank, your cryptocurrency wallets, NFTs holdings, and transactions. This is done to prevent money laundering and the financing of crime while providing seamless services. Once you are on board, all of this information is made available on your dashboard.


    Your interactions with our services are recorded by us. The types of mobile devices or browsers you were using before using our services, the websites or third-party services you had previously used, the times and dates of your accesses, the app features or pages you accessed, any app crashes or other system activities, and all of the above-mentioned information are all included in this data. Sometimes, we collect this information through technologies like cookies and other techniques that create and maintain unique identifiers.


    From the devices you use to access our services, we may compile information about the hardware brands and models, device IP addresses, operating systems and versions, software, file names, and versions, preferred languages, unique device identifiers, advertising identifiers, serial numbers, device motion data, and mobile network data.


    Furthermore, DIAGON STUDIOS may make use of this data for analysis, and security, enhancing products and services and providing customer support services (such as resolving user complaints).


    These may include:

  • User remarks like ratings or compliments.
  • Users asking for services on your behalf or in your name.
  • Track of withdrawn amount from your Crypto Account or Bank Account.
  • Any other information that will be important as linked to your Player ID.

    To provide quick, dependable, and transparent methods of giving a seamless gaming and earnings withdrawal process, DIAGON STUDIOS gathers and analyzes data offered on the platform. Additionally, we make use of the data we gather:

    - To enhance the safety and security of our users and services.

    - For customer support.

    - For research and development.

    - To enable communications to or between users.

    - In connection with legal proceedings

    DIAGON STUDIOS does not share or sell your personal information to outside parties for their direct marketing initiatives. DIAGON STUDIOS uses the information it collects for purposes including:

    - Providing services and features. The data we gather is used by DIAGON STUDIOS to provide, customize, upkeep, and enhance our goods and services. This includes utilizing the data to:

    - Create and update your account.

    - Verify your identity.

    - Improve our gaming structure and features.

    - Enable accuracy in crypto earning, NFT earning, crypto report, and calculation.

    - perform internal tasks required to provide our services, such as observing and assessing usage and activity trends, troubleshooting operational issues and software bugs, and performing data analysis, testing, and research


    We utilize your data to preserve the quality, integrity, and security of our services and users. For instance, this, consists of:

    Preventing unscrupulous and dishonest people from accessing our services by thoroughly reviewing background checks as permitted by law, screening clients before allowing them to use our services, and doing so periodically.

    In addition, we collect data from client devices to spot factual errors and misrepresentations made by other platform users, crypto wallets, and service providers and to warn clients about such conduct. To prevent, identify theft and misrepresentation, and deal with fraud and other harmful behaviors, we also use the device‘s location, profile, usage, account history, and other data. Looking for trends or patterns that indicate fraud or the potential for safety incidents in some nations may be part of the processing of such data. This might include data from outside sources.


    DIAGON STUDIOS uses the data we get from you when you use our customer support services, including call recordings, to help you after informing you and receiving your permission to:

    Direct your questions to the appropriate customer support person

    Investigate and address your concerns

    Monitor and improve our customer support responses


    We could test, develop, and evaluate products using the information we get. We can create new features and products, improve the security and safety of our services, and make any other preparations required for offering such services as a result.


    We may use the information we gather, in addition to any other uses permitted by applicable law, to defend against or settle claims or disputes relating to your use of the services or as necessary to comply with legal processes or requests from regulators, government agencies, or law enforcement.


    Upon your request, certain DIAGON STUDIOS services, products, and features require the exchange of information with other users. In connection with legal procedures, claims, or disputes, your information might also be provided to our parent company, subsidiaries, and business partners. We may share personal data and service data with a third party if we determine that doing so is necessary for preventing fraud, investigating any suspected criminal activity, upholding our agreements or regulations, or guaranteeing the safety of our users. DIAGON STUDIOS may share the information we collect with other users. This includes sharing your information with:

    a. Otherpeopleatyourrequest.

    b. BusinesspartnersofDIAGONSTUDIOS:Ifyoumadeuseofabitcoinwallet

    platform, another gaming marketplace, or an NFT platform, DIAGON STUDIOS might provide that company access to your data. This may apply to third-party applications or websites that use our APIs or services, those that have an API or service that we combine, or business collaborators that DIAGON STUDIOS collaborates with to offer a promotion, a competition, or a special service, for instance. We value user feedback, particularly in public spaces like DIAGON STUDIOS blogs, social media, and certain network features. Your communications with us through such channels could be made public.

    a) We use DIAGON STUDIOS connections to exchange data with our affiliates and members so they may assist us in providing our services or so we can contract other parties to handle data processing on our behalf. DIAGON STUDIOS processes and maintains data from its various crypto asset’s wallets, NFT platforms, Defi Protocol, exchanges, and banking platforms.

    b) If we notify you and you agree to the sharing, DIAGON STUDIOS may release personal information in ways other than those listed in this policy with your consent.


    To perform its services, DIAGON STUDIOS needs information about its customers, and it keeps this information for as long as your account is active, giving you adequate notice if it ever becomes inactive. Users are always free to ask to have their accounts deleted. In response to such a request, DIAGON STUDIOS deletes any information it is not required to retain and limits access to or use of any information it finds to be required to retain. For instance, DIAGON STUDIOS might not be able to remove your accounts if there is a pending transaction on your account or an unresolved claim or dispute. As previously stated, DIAGON STUDIOS will remove your account once the problem blocking deactivation is fixed. You can request the deletion of your account at any time using the Privacy Settings in the DIAGON STUDIOS mobile application or on the DIAGON STUDIOS website. If it‘s required for DIAGON STUDIOS to achieve certain real business objectives, like preventing fraud and boosting user security, the company may additionally preserve a specific piece of information. For instance, if a user‘s account is terminated by DIAGON STUDIOS due to risky conduct or security events, DIAGON STUDIOS may save particular information about that user‘s account to stop that user from creating a new account in the future.


    DIAGON STUDIOS provides a variety of ways for you to access and edit the data it collects, including:

    - in-app privacy settings

    - device permissions

    - in-app rating pages

    - marketing opt-outs

    You can also ask DIAGON STUDIOS to offer you an explanation, copies, or data correction.


    Apps cannot access any type of device data without your permission on the majority of smartphone platforms (including iOS, Android, and otheproducts). These platforms also protect your approval by utilizing a range of authorization strategies. When the DIAGON STUDIOS app first requests access to a certain sort of data, the iOS operating system will notify you and give you the option to accept or reject it. Before using the DIAGON STUDIOS app on an Android smartphone, you will be made aware of the permissions that it seeks; by using the app, you imply that you consent to those requests.


    You may request that DIAGON STUDIOS: Kindly give a thorough account of the data DIAGON STUDIOS has on you and how it plans to utilize it. Request a copy of the data that DIAGON STUDIOS has collected from you. If DIAGON STUDIOS has any erroneous information about you, kindly request a correction. You can make these requests by contacting DIAGON STUDIOS via email at help@diagon.io You can modify your account‘s name, phone number, and email address in the DIAGON STUDIOS app by using the Settings area. The DIAGON STUDIOS app also has a feature called transaction history.


    You may choose not to receive promotional emails from DIAGON STUDIOS by reaching out to help@diagon.io You can subscribe to receive emails and other messages from DIAGON STUDIOS by doing as instructed in such messages.


    This policy may be updated occasionally. If there are any substantial changes, you‘ll be informed via the DIAGON STUDIOS app or another channel, like email. To the extent permitted by applicable law, by using our services after receiving such notification, you agree to any changes we make to this policy. To keep up with the most recent information about our privacy policies, we suggest you frequently review this policy. There will also be older iterations of our privacy policies available for review.